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Insurance has signed an investment insurance contract with the largest British insurance company. Company carefully selects only the most promising and high-yielding activities to add to our portfolio. We diversify risks as competently as possible and use the most modern innovative technologies.

The success of the investment project is based on the trust of users who invest their funds in it. And in order to maintain this trust, the company strives to ensure the safety of investor deposits, even in cases beyond the control of our team.

To solve this problem, we used the most effective and reliable financial instrument - investment insurance.

We are pleased to announce that Crypto LTD has entered into an agreement with the largest British insurance company, classified as systemically important for the world economy, and a leading provider of financial insurance services with an annual turnover of over $ 92 billion.

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Receive passive income from your deposit

The insurance policy was issued for $ 88,000,000. This means that upon the occurrence of any insured event, the Insurer undertakes to reimburse the users of the platform for the losses incurred as a result of this event, associated with the failure to receive the expected income from the insurance fund.


The object of insurance is the financial interests of the Insured Crypto LTD associated with the risk of his losses due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the Insured.

Losses in accordance with an investment insurance contract mean real damage incurred by the Policyholder, the financial risk of which is insured, upon the occurrence of one or more of the following events:

insolvency (bankruptcy) of the Insured, when one of the bankruptcy procedures is applied in accordance with the legislation in force in the investment territory;

liquidation of the Insured in court;

the action of the state body of the country of investment, which prevents, for at least 180 (one hundred eighty) calendar days, unless otherwise specified in the insurance contract, conversion into freely convertible currency and transfer of the invested capital from the country of investment to the investor.

long-term at least 6 (six) months non-fulfillment by the Insured of its obligations (long delay in payment; failure to comply with the terms of financing; failure to perform work, etc.) due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the Insured;

other cases, including in connection with extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions (force majeure);

actions of state bodies in the country of investment, including illegal (inaction) of state bodies, local self-government bodies or officials of these bodies, including as a result of the publication by these bodies and officials of documents that do not comply with laws or other legal acts;

seizure, confiscation, requisition, expropriation, nationalization, restriction or deprivation of property rights of the Insured by order of state authorities in the country of investment for a period of at least 6 (six) months;

military actions, civil unrest, mass disorder in the country of investment;

exposure to a nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive contamination;

events of a terrorist act and / or terrorism;

the epidemiological situation in the country of investment and the related actions of state bodies, which led to losses of the Insured (loss of investments, profits, additional costs, etc.);

The Insurer provides the Insured Crypto LTD and its investors with insurance coverage in the event of the occurrence of the events provided for in the Agreement.

The insurance contract is concluded for a period of three years and comes into effect from the date of signing on 02.10.

Now, earning on the platform, you can receive a high income and be absolutely sure that your funds invested in our project will be reimbursed upon the occurrence of an insured event. The safety of your deposits is guaranteed by one of the world's leading insurance companies.